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Title : Isolation of Total Polyphenol Content in Black Garlic Product Using Ultrasonic Extraction Method

Abstract :

Garlic (Allium sativum L) is one of the horticultural plants in Indonesia that is used to enhance the taste of food and medicine to cure various diseases. During the heating process, the content of anti-oxidant active substances in garlic will increase along with the heating process, one of the antioxidant compounds in black garlic is polyphenol compounds. The purpose of this research was to obtain the value of water content and pH in the process of produced Black garlic, to obtain the best heating time for Black garlic in terms of the total polyphenol content during the heating process, and to obtain the optimal time for the extraction process of Black garlic the using ultrasonic method on the concentration of total polyphenol content. The results showed that The effect of heating time will affect the water content and pH of Black garlic products with a regression value of R2 = 0.9965 for water content and R2 = 0.9953 for pH. The heating time of Black garlic will increase the total polyphenol content with a regression value of R2 = 0.9758. The results of the hedonic test of the best Black garlic products based on the taste aspect are 85% of respondents and the ease of consumption is 70%, namely on heating for 14 days. The best total polyphenol content in the extraction time variation was 15 minutes with a polyphenol content of 946.87 mg/kg.

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