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Title : IoT Routing Protocol: Survey research

Abstract :

Due to the huge number of devices that will connected in the near future within the Internet environment, this will lead to significant momentum in the data exchange over the Internet, which will reduce the speed of data transfer and reduce the speed of data processing reaching inefficient work, that leading to inability to meet the requirements of work. The future is Internet of Things (IoT), ability to incorporate intelligence devices to make use of contextual information, collecting information’s with the regards of a given situation to select appropriate path with the huge numbers of device and applications, the key idea is that rather than sending acknowledge across the network, the problem is high energy consumption, increase time delay and may cause an unbalanced load in a network. Therefore, we propose an efficient protocol that addresses these cases in order to increase the efficiency of the work to an acceptable level. In this paper, the design of the protocol based on distribute Learning, information’s of each nodes (things), these factors are exchanged among neighbors. Each node allows sharing their information’s with rounding neighbors to achieve additional information about the adapting routing in the network and each node such as a system that can use local information gathered from neighbors. This proposal based on three basic principles: Energy consumption, time delay and load balancing

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