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Title : Investigation on the Use of Permeable Asphalt Surface for Storm Water Control

Abstract :

The permeable asphalt surface has offered an alternative technology for storm water management, and its benefits include both environmental and safety. This paper is, therefore, focused on the application of permeable asphalt as alternative means for storm water control in order to contribute to the increasing environmental awareness and an evolving paradigm shift in control techniques. One of the keys to the success of this pavement surface type is in the design of the asphalt mix. The air void percentage, which is ultimately related to the effectiveness of the pavement surface to adequately control the runoff, is a critical component of the mix. However, special consideration is required in order to obtain higher air void percentages, while maintaining strength and durability within a wet climate. Permeable asphalt mix designs produced with PG-76 and PG 60/70 binders were evaluated at binder contents of 3.5, 4,4.5 and 5%and tested for durability and strength properties (drain down, indirect tensile strength, air void, Marshal Stability and water permeability) in cold climate conditions. Results show that an optimal permeable asphalt mix of permeability range 0.116cm/sec was recommended for use.

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