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Title : Intrusion Detection System Architecture: Issues and Challenges

Abstract :

Computer and network threats are serious issues that are becoming prevalent in our daily life. IDS meanwhile, is a mechanism as countermeasure for network threats. Many studies were conducted to improve the capability of an IDS. However, there is a lack of analysis about the IDS architecture. The objective of this paper is to analyze the issues and challenges related to IDS architecture known as data collection, analysis and response module. The function of each IDS architecture module is discussed and use as the paper platform. An extensive analysis done to gather all issues related to IDS, and all the issues are being classified into the respective modules. The analysis is useful in understanding the IDS and its challenges. The contribution of this paper is critical to support the expanding research in IDS enhancement. In the future, this paper outcome can be use to highlight the current issues to be address in IDS research

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