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Title : Internet of Things (IoT) and Migration Intention for Young People in Rural Indonesia

Abstract :

The rapid development of information communication and technology (ICT) affects both urban and rural communities. Information obtained because of accessing the internet can encourage people to work outside of the village. Migration of people from the village will lead to reduced rural development and agricultural land management services. This study aims to determine the effect of the Internet of Things in terms of usage of the intentions of young people migrating abroad. Data analysis methods used are descriptive statistics and Structural Equation Model (SEM) – Partial Leas Square (PLS). Analysis results show that there is a link between internet infrastructure and international migration intentions for young people. Based on the results of the SEM-PLS test using the Warp-PLS application, it is known that the IoT influence variable consisting of variables A (INFRA), B (USE) and C (CONTENT). It is mean that IoT has an impact on the youth migration intention abroad in rural areas with an R-Squared influence value of 0.47 percent

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