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Title : Influence of copper – sliver composite tool on recast layer thickness, hardness during EDM process.

Abstract :

One of a major problem in electro discharge machining is the formation of the recast layer, which causes hard, brittle and micro cracks layer from the high temperature during machining. This article was focused on the method of reduces the thickness of layer damage of high speed steel work material by using a composite tool from copper-silver instead of copper tool. An experiment was carried out using a copper – silver composite tool and pure copper tool. The machining conditions included the use of the pulse current and pulse on time as input parameters. The morphology, microstructure of white layer was characterized by scanning electron microscopy. The results showed that the surface quality of high-speed steel after EDM with copper –silver composite electrode and copper electrode are dissimilar. In this case, EDM using composite electrode the recast layer thickness from pure copper electrode were reduced from the maximum value 14.56 μ m to 3.28 μ m moreover experiments showed improvement of micro hardness value from (297.1 to 193.6) Vickers of surface layer compared to the pure copper electrode

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