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Title : Influence of Chess Training on Mathematics Performance in Thaba Nchu

Abstract :

The study aimed to establish chess influence on learner’s performance in mathematics. It adopted a quantitative approach and followed a descriptive research design. 70 Grade 9 learners from seven secondary schools participated in the study. Cluster sampling technique was employed with 70 learners being surveyed using a questionnaire. A close-ended questionnaire was used to gather data. The study found that the largest group of learners in school that did not offer chess could not understand or explain En Passant. It also emerged that in schools that offered chess, all learners agreed that they could explain En Passant. Slightly less than 50% of the participants strongly disagreed that they can algebraically notate the game whereas 17.1% disagreed. In non-chess schools, only 4% (N=2) indicated that they can algebraically notate whereas all 20 learners (100%) in chess schools confirmed that they can notate the game. The study concludes that the learners in those schools that offered chess had ideas/could explain the chess terms and vice versa. The study recommends that since the influence of chess training may have positive impact, chess training can be introduced to schools to enhance the mathematics performance of learners.

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