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Title : Influence Analysis of Using the Trim Tab on after peak of Vessel’s Speed on surveillance Vessel MV. Hiu 03

Abstract :

This study aims to experimentally investigate the effect of the trim tab on engine power and resistance related to the speed. A surveillance vessel, MV. Hiu 03, equipped with twin-engine, 2 x 770 HP Volvo TAMD 165P. Maxsurf Software was used to calculate the power and resistance of the vessel with the application of the trim tab. Therefore, the sea trial of MV. Hiu 03 was done to get the data experimentally, where the data were compared to the data without trim tab for the variation engine speed in the range 600 rpm to 2000 rpm with 100 rpm increments. The results using Maxsurf software are found that the application of the trim tab decreases the power engine needed by 8% at speed 13.9 knot and 11% at speed 22 knot. Therefore, the resistance decreases by 4% to 6% by using the trim tab. Based on the vessel’s sea trial data the application of trim tabs at after peak on MV. Hiu 03 gives the increase of vessel’s speed approximately by 23% on lower engine speed and by 11% on higher engine speed. Validating the experimental data, Anova two factor analysis showed that there is enough evidence that the fishing patrol vessel using trim tab faster than without trim tab (12.49 knot) with α = 1%

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