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Title : Inclinations of Engineering and Marketing Management Students to Engage in Online Learning Technology Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Abstract :

The COVID–19 pandemic has paralyzed the face to face classroom sessions but it has not stopped the teaching and learning activities of universities in the province of Nueva Ecija. The institutions shifted to e-learning and use different technological platforms hoping to provide a quality education through online delivery of instruction to their respective college students. The readiness of the 568 tertiary students to engage in online learning during this time of crisis was the focus of this study with the use of descriptive research. It determined the availability of resources and the environment needed by the students to engage in online education. It also measured the level of knowledge desired by student–learners to engage in online classes. Likewise, the challenges of the learners in engaging in online classes were explored. The results have shown that the students are not prepared to engage in online education because the technological resources and environment they needed were not always available. Their levels of knowledge in e-learning were also on the below-average and average levels. As to their challenges, poor and weak internet connection and loss and error in connections were their main concerns. Additional challenges for the students are the lack of devices, gadgets, or resources like a laptop, webcam, printer, ring light and smartphones. This paper suggests that flexible learning mode was preferred by most students in this crucial time.

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