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Title : Improving the Properties of Hot Mixture Asphalt by Using Date Palm Fibers Powder as Additive Material

Abstract :

Hot mixture asphalt was applied in the erection of different types of flexible pavement for the most of highways in the world. With the development of industries and the prosperity of the world’s economic situation and the increase in trade movement and increasing traffic loads on highways, the flexible pavement surface suffered from structural problems then the pavement will suffer from failures. Therefore, there is needing to improve the hot mixture asphalt to resist the heavy traffic loads and environmental conditions. The objective of this study is to evaluate and improve the properties of hot mixture asphalt by using date palm fibers powder as additive material by application of some experimental works and theoretical calculations. The results showed that the using of date palm fibers powder will help to decrease the percentage of different types of voids in hot mixture asphalt and improve the density of mixture. The stability results were increased when using the date palm fibers powder comparing with normal hot mixture asphalt. Also flow values were improved.

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