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Title : Improving Capacity of Fluid Condensate Production Equipments with Engineering Flowline Network 10 Production Wells for "S" Gas Field Development

Abstract :

The “S” Gas Field began production in 2015 which was distributed by 10 production wells from 3 clusters and would be develop with improve the facilities such as flowline & well connection. There are 3 Cluster to support 10 wells. Facility gas Development of Field “S” has been produced gas 310 MMscfd, 12,500 Bpd Condensate production design and 2,000 Bpd of produced water. Pipe flowline trunkline towards CPP, Central Processing Plant (CPP) facility with a capacity of 2 train x 155MMscfd, Gas Pipeline along 23 Km for transport sales gas and Condensate storage tank & loading Condensate jetty termina. Regarding the “S” Gas Field development phase-2, it requires optimization of Condensate products starting from the new well flow rate, Condensate formation process, Condensate component acquisition process, Condensate storage, Condensate pipeline process. The purpose of this research is to analyze the capacity of existing gas production, especially Condensate products through simulation, so that it can be known that the need for additional Condensate processing equipment until the required lifting is known. Thus, the additional investment from the development plan will be efficient. This study can be useful to make the design of Condensate production from two gas development scenarios. So that it will be known the suitability of the equipment that will be developed

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