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Title : Improving BICM Efficiency for DVB-T2 System using Rotated Constellations and Cyclic Q Delay

Abstract :

This paper deals with the rotated constellations technique's performance, which results in additional diversity to enhance Bit Interleaved Coding and Modulation BICM in various fading channel environments that improve the overall DVB-T2 gain. The performance gain of the rotated constellation has been analyzed and compared with the case of using a non-rotated constellation. In this comparison, three constellation types have been used: QPSK, 16-QAM, and 64-QAM, with all available six code rates supported by the DVB-T2 system. The simulation has been performed with four different types of fading channels scenarios, including Gaussian, Ricean, Rayleigh, and 0 dB Echo channels. Finally, achieved results show an outstanding improvement in DVB-T2 performance when employing rotated constellation in terrible fading environments by choosing a particular parameters configuration.

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