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Title : Improvement of Gallium based restorative properties by the addition of ZrO2 in both nano and micron sized

Abstract :

Admixed alloy powder composed of low copper and metallic glass silver copper eutectic triturated with gallium or gallium tin alloy. The restorative is reinforced with ceramic powder of ZrO2 in both nano and micron sized to improve the mechanical properties and manipulation of the filling. The specimens were prepared according to ADA specification No. 1. Reduction of the liquid reduces the expansion and the addition of the ZrO2 at micronized particles stabilize the dimensional change up to 0.138 of 1% addition at 0.4g of GaSn while the nano ZrO2 enhance the manipulation of the filling paste. Compressive strength enhanced by 19% at 2 percent compared to that without addition at 1h, for 24h the best enhancement for 1 percent nano ZrO2 was 81%. The best creep resistance is at 3 percent micronized ZrO2 by 74% compared to that without addition and 76 % as compared to dental amalgam

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