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Title : Implementation of Spatial Integration Concept in Youth Center Complex

Abstract :

Grogol Sport Complex located in West Jakarta is one of the biggest sport complexes amongs others in Jakarta. Grogol Sport complex was established in 1971 and have not been redeveloped even though redeveloping this place would give a positive impact to quality of life for people. Therefore, applying the concept of spatial integration can be the solution. The aim of this research is to make Grogol Sport Complex to be multifunctional sport complex and as urban meeting place. The Analysis of Grogol Sport Complex is based on Spatial Integration aspects. The result of this research is redevelopment the sport complex to be multifunction sport complex and as urban meeting point which has a good connection to the environment. In conclusion, by applying spatial integration concept could improve the quality of life and making Grogol Sport Complex to be a sustainable area

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