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Title : Impact of Process Execution and Physical Memory-Spaces on OS Performance

Abstract :

The importance of process monitoring applications continues to grow. Generally, many of the developments in process monitoring are being driven by access to more and more data. Process monitoring is important to understand the variation in a process and to assess its current state. Process monitoring and controlling an organization is of high importance for all process management initiatives. The parallel execution of numerous threads can perform significant increases in performance and overall efficiency in the computer systems. In many computer systems, numerous performance counters are available. For example, performance counters may provide a count of the number of threads executing at a given time. This paper presented an overview of the main research works in the field of the process and thread controlling and monitoring related to physical memory to measure the performance of the operating system. The main finding is that developing strategies needed to make it easy to deal with the monitoring of a large number of data. Furthermore, the used strategies produced improvements of up to 25% and achieved very good results. Besides, the performance of applications with process control executed much faster than without

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