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Title : Impact of Hybrid Nano Reinforcements on Fatigue Behavior of AA7075-T651 Based Metal Matrix Composites

Abstract :

This study was investigated the effect of the dual nano size particles on the AA7075-T651metal matrix. The nano size particles of TiO2 with 5wt% and variable weight percent of Al2O3 (10%,15%, and 20wt%) were used to reinforced the Al, using stir casting technique. It was found improving in mechanical and fatigue life. The microstructure was examined by Optical Microscopy, it has been noticed well distribution nano particles, leads minimizing the grain size of the parent phase, these effects improving the fatigue life by (3.5%, 7.7% and 9.7%) higher than the base metal and other composites, metal matrix Nanocomposites are having directly proportional relationship with percentage of Nano particle reinforcement

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