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Title : Impact of Cloud Computing and Internet of Things on the Future Internet

Abstract :

Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud computing are extremely distinct technologies which are by now playing an important role in our life. It is expected that adopting and using them would be more and more common, that makes them significant components for the Future Internet (FI).The upcoming internet-associated revolution is almost there with the existence of the IoT. IoT empowers connection and communications among tons of devices between themselves to exchange information, knowledge, and data that promotes the quality of our daily lives. Alternatively, appropriate, upon-request, and adaptable network access is provided by Cloud Computing, as a result, makes it possible to contribute computing resources which helps dynamic data be integrated from a variety of data sources. However, Cloud Computing and IoT in FI cannot be implemented without an abundance of issues and problems. In this research paper, we will be endeavoring to outline and put light on the prime and main concepts of the Cloud Computing and IoT

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