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Title : Image Processing Techniques for Identifying Impostor Documents Through Digital Forensic Examination

Abstract :

In the past few years, the use of digital photography has increased, a development that opens the door to new and innovative ways of creating images. There are now many applications for a day that is used to modify the image so that the image looks like the original. Images are used for any crime as authenticated proof and if this image does not remain real then it will create a problem. Detection of these types of forgeries is now becoming a serious issue. A forgery of copy-move images is done either to hide some image entity, or to add more details that results in forgery. In both cases, reliability for the picture is lost. The digital image processing technique discussed in this paper is MATLAB’s role in detection or in any manipulation of digital images. This study focuses on document analysis such as Passport, Driving License, Certificate, and Employment Card which is widely created for use as proof of identity for various wrongful benefits. The goal of this study entitled is to assist the forensic record expert in the use of digital image processing techniques to implement the manufactured record detection, Segmentation and analysis procedure

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