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Title : Identification of Natural Fractures Using Digital Outcrop Model (DOM) and Filedwork Data at Granitic Basement Rocks Muaro Silokek, West Sumatra

Abstract :

Digital Outcrop model (DOM) is a three-dimensional model produced through image/photo data processing, therefore, it tends to provide a precise picture of rock outcrops or geological features. The use of this method have been discussed in some studies, however, research on the analysis is yet to be statistically compared to direct measurement data in the field. This research was carried out on granitic basement rocks in the Indragiri River, Muaro Silokek, West Sumatra with an area of 510 m x 19 m. Data was obtained by comparing the fracture characteristics in DOM and five scanline-windows scan locations with dimensions of 500 cm x 200 cm. Based on the fracture orientation spread over the DOM, there are four domain segmentations with three main orientation directions namely NNW-SSE, NE-SW, and ENE-WSW which are part of the Takung Fault. The results showed that by statistically analyzing the scanline - windows scan data, the direction and dip of the shear fracture is relatively similar to the fracture analysis on the DOM, with a measurement difference of ± 8°

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