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Title : ICT Readiness Model Based on Static and Dynamic Classification Factors

Abstract :

Information communication technology (ICT) helps the organisation to store and transmit information and this changes the organisations business processes. The ICT readiness model is a measurement tool proposed to measure how the organisation take advantage of ICT. The current ICT readiness models use factors such as software, hardware, technology, business process, human resource and other factors to measure ICT readiness in the organisation. These models do not classify which readiness factors do not change over time even though the technology evolve and change. Therefore, this study classified the ICT readiness factors into static and dynamic to better measure ICT readiness even after the technology evolves in the future. The proposed model was verified by 11 experts from the academic and industry. Most of the experts agree that the legal environment, cultural infrastructure and people and human resource as the static factors. While the dynamic factors consist of ICT infrastructure, technology and hardware, software, management and organizational, business process, ICT strategy, plans and policy, and security. The new ICT readiness model was verified and refined based on the experts' agreement and disagreement on these factors as described in this paper.

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