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Title : Hybrid Precoding Aproach for Power Leakage Reduction In OFDM Based Systems

Abstract :

Due to its ability to transmit a high rate data stream with maintaining robustness against multipath fading, high spectrum efficiency and efficient implementation, OFDM has been widely used in various communications systems such as DVB, WIFI and WIMAX. It is also considered as a candidate for the air interface of the current and future high speed mobile communications standards such as LTE, LTE advanced. It is also very appropriate for multi-band cognitive radio systems. However, OFDM suffers from some drawbacks. One of them is the Out of Band (OOB) leakage due to high spectral sidelobe which produce interference neighboring bands and then degrade the system performance. Several schemes have been proposed to reduce the OOB emission such as filtering, windowing, precoding etc. in this paper, a hybrid approach based on two Beek’s precoding techniques is proposed and showing a high OOB emission reduction with the same complexity. Simulation results verified the advantages of this scheme as compared with other well-known techniques

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