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Title : Home Automation System based on IoT

Abstract :

The internet of things (IoT) has been very important when it comes to the automation of smart homes and buildings. In the smart homes and buildings automation, IoT is combined with cloud computing and rule-based event processing to ensure that individuals occupying any premise can enjoy their safety, convenience, and comfort. This study indicates that the use of IoT on smart home automation was fully embraced in the 21st century after commands and controls that were channeled through the electrical wiring had their signals affected by the radio band interference. Iteratively, IoT has been found to have enhanced the smart home automation by ensuring that home appliances and devices can be commanded remotely and at a convenient, safe, and comfortable mode. This study focused on the use of cases of various appliances and devices that are commanded and controlled through the integration of IoT, cloud computing, and rule-based event processing. The appliances that have been considered for this review are fire prevention systems, surveillance cameras, Smart TVs, lighting systems, smart thermostats, Air conditions, doors, fans, Humidity and Gas System. Without the use of IoT, the mentioned appliances and devices have performed haphazardly when it comes to smart home automation. Therefore, this study confirms that the use of IoT has streamlined the performance and the automation of home and building devices and appliances to ensure that they provide effective and efficient safety, comfort, and convenience required for a smart prem

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