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Title : Highly Improving Prosperity of Farmer Organic Hot Chili

Abstract :

This study analyzed the economic aspects and income of a group of Papua mama women farmer communities in organic hot chili farming. The study was conducted in the Husoak Village of Hubikiak District Jayawijaya Regency. Qualitative and quantitative data were obtained through survey methods. The results showed that the average Papuan mama farmer group received Rp. 27,000,000.00, the total production cost of Rp. 9,350,000.00, and the benefits obtained were Rp. 17,650,000.00 with a selling price of Rp. 75,000.00/kg. R/C ratio was 2.88, which shows that farmer groups might sustain their farming business. The average production of hot chili was 360 kg/0.18 ha and was relatively low compared to the area of ‚Äč‚Äčcultivated land. Further research was needed so that the production of hot chili was more efficient through the application of cultivation technology

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