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Title : Green training and Green supply chain management practices: An investigation of firm performance within the Thailand supply chain

Abstract :

Firms have displayed raising concerns in correlation to the impact of processing activities to the environment. Green supply chain management has been examined by the firm as an option to decrease the impact to environment while developing their performance. The literature recommends that research on green training, green supply chain management practices and firm performance are needed, particularly in case of developing countries. The study investigates the green training, GSCM practices, and firm performance inspected in firm that have received ISO 14000 certification. The data were analyzed using multiple regression. The result represent that green training has positive influent with GACM practices and the performance studied positively related to the implementation of GSCM practices. Moreover, the research provide theoretical and managerial approaches for other firm in Thailand by implementing GSCM practices. In addition, the research increases confidence among policy maker and managers of Thailand firm in the implementation of GSCM practices to develop firm performance

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