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Title : Green Concrete Production Based on Thermal Behavioral Development from Recycled Aggregate

Abstract :

This paper presents the development of concrete thermal behavioral through recycled aggregate from demolition and construction waste composed from numerous places. By means of thermal conductivity test, a total of more than 15 concrete mixes were examined to provide enough data tables and curves. Numerous chemical and physical test of aggregate composition from recycled and natural concrete is used to investigate the new production characteristics. Afterward, to assess the thermal behavior of the mix, many tests were carrying out the results on fresh and hardened states. The examination of thermal behavior illustrate that the employment of recycle aggregate improve the thermal behavioral of concrete mixes. The change amount showed quite variation depends on the originality of recycle aggregate used in this experiment. The resulting treatment shows that the hard bitten concrete could be compressed and recycled as coarse aggregate in new concrete construction which provides practical types of green concrete

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