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Title : Good Corporate Governance Model and Organizational Agility: Study of Regional Water Companies

Abstract :

This study aims to understand the application of the principles of Good Corporate Governance and the resolution of customer complaints in the service of the Regional Water Supply Company (PDAM) in Sidenreng Rappang Regency. The research method used is quantitative descriptive with 99 respondents. Data collection techniques are observation, questionnaire, literature study, and interview. Data processing uses simple regression with the help of Product Solutions and Statistics Services (SPSS) 16.0 for windows. The results showed that the application of good corporate governance in providing service to the resolution of customer complaints is in the good category of the very good category expected. Influence The application of transparency, accountability, responsiveness, independence, and fairness affects the quality of service. Everything has a significant effect if measured simultaneously. Among the five factors which have no effect when measured individually is independence. Therefore, the importance of strategic agility in regionally-owned enterprises, especially in contributing to the addition of local revenue sources. So far, it tends to contribute less to the regions. Important factors to consider are the ability to react, the ability to adapt, flexibility, and competitiveness

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