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Title : Glass as friendly material to the environment

Abstract :

Glass's is a building material that was recognised in the 1940s, and advancements proceeded with the inclusion of zirconium dioxide in the 1960s for hard alkali environments. To improve material durability, glass fibres of a new generation is being developed. As a result, the production of glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) began to meet various demands in addition to the technique of ultra-thin glass fiber reinforced concrete components and assemblies. Scientific research and testing on GFRC. the main objective of ultra-thin glass fiber reinforced concrete components and to rethink the usage of ordinary concrete in buildings, which is frequently seen as a hefty and compressive structural material through premixed GFRC is cast in polyethylene bags as we will see during the experiment in this paper. As technology progresses, it is possible that the entire building and complicated freeform will be built at a reasonable cost. During the last several years, The influence of glass fibres in hybrid mixes has been studied for high-performance concrete (HPC), a developing technology that has gained popularity in the building sector to can get on developed GFRC called ultra-thin glass fiber reinforced concrete.

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