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Title : GIS application for identifying the rice field area in supporting rice production in Lubuk Linggau city

Abstract :

The government is actively encouraging food and energy independence to achieve development targets. So, it is necessary to make an inventory of existing rice fields. Identification of rice field area can be done using geographic information system (GIS). By doing so, a comparison of rice field a comparison of rice fields between data and interpretation results can be obtained and rice production in each district in the city of Lubuk Linggau can be predicted. Interpretation was carried out to get the classification of rice fields in the study area by using Landsat 8 Image. The interpretation of the image was carried out on a combination of band 653. The level of accuracy of the results of interpretation of rice fields in Lubuk Linggau City is 98.34%. The interpreted rice fields are smaller than the existing rice fields in the data, which is 55%

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