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Title : Geological Modelling Using Geological Structure Analysis of Cisolok Geothermal Field, West Java, Indonesia

Abstract :

Cisolok is a geothermal field located in South-West area of Java Island, Sukabumi Residence having energy potential for the future. A geological structure research has been conducted to create geology model and to predict geothermal system of the area. By measuring faults and fractures of geological structures in the area, it can be predicted the geothermal system and modelling the geology of the area. Researchs by several experts indicate that Cisolok is part of Cisolok-Cisukarame geothermal area, particularly as an outflow zone, having potential of medium enthalpy. Geothermal surface manifestations appear following the direction of geological fault structures. Using surface water temperature of hot springs and geysers reaching above boiling point, the reservoir is predicted to reach subsurface temperature of approximately 185-212°C

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