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Title : Geographical Location Effects on PV Panel Output - Comparison Between Highland and Lowland Installation in South Sumatra, Indonesia

Abstract :

Environmental factors play a significant role in determining the PV system's performance, and the temperature is one factor. In the highland area, the temperature is lower than lowland but with relatively the same amount of irradiance. This paper compares the PV system's performance in the highlands (Semendo Darat Ulu) and the lowlands (Tanjung Enim). Semendo Darat Ulu has an elevation of 1100 meters above sea level and a temperature of ± 28.1 °C, sufficient for implementing solar power plants. Experimental data shows that Semendo Darat Ulu's PV system delivers better performance than Tanjung Enim's PV system. The average power generated by the PV system installed in Semendo Darat Ulu is 32.98 W, 4.21 W, or 115% higher than Tanjung Enim's PV system. It produced average power of 343.88 W per day, which is 77.99 W or 129 % more than the power produced by the PV system in Tanjung Enim. In Semendo Darat Ulu, the PV system pumped a total of 140,669 liters of water during the experiment, which means 33,915 liters or 132 % more water pumped by the PV system Tanjung Enim. Therefore, Semendo Darat Ulu highland has more potential for applying solar power plants than the lowland area.

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