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Title : Gender Development Policy Scenario with Dynamic System Models in Coastal Rural Based Areas

Abstract :

Human development focuses on equality and justice between women and men. Gender Development Index can be used for human development analysis. The GDI value is the ratio between the human development index of women and men. Human development problems in coastal rural-based areas are a very complex system. The method of data analysis by the systems approach is a dynamic systems model. A dynamic system is a methodology that focuses on policy-making and how the policy determines the behavior of problems that can be dynamically modeled by the system. The purpose of this study is to analyze a gender development policy scenario with a dynamic system model. Data was collected from secondary sources, namely from the book Gender-based Human Development. The results of the analysis show the best scenario in a coastal rural-based area. The best scenario for the policy are expected number of school years -female = 13.5 years, length of school rate _female = 12 years, purchasing_power_female = 16.3 (ln 12,000,000) from the fact 15.79 (ln 7,171,000).

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