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Title : Fuzzy Arrangement of Manufacturing Sustainability Practices Priority Level for Malaysian Industry 4.0 Revolution

Abstract :

Nowadays, manufacturing sustainability practices (MSP) have been embedded into daily manufacturing routines. The awareness on MSP have been improved remarkably since early 2000s worldwide where numbers of successful practices have been implemented and proven to be beneficial towards manufacturing firm’s (MF) overall performance. Although varies of practices could be chose to be implemented, it is questionable on the right practice for implementation in order to produce optimum outcome and performance boost. This question is important in ensuring firms’ capability to compete in current challenging market of industry revolution 4.0 (IR4.0). Inspired by this, several key MSP have been extracted by three methods; literature review; simple questionnaire survey; and input from six chosen industry experts. Once MSP list has been finalized and verified by the experts, fuzzy analytic hierarchical process (FAHP) is applied as the final step to enhance the MSP. The result from these analysis divided MSP into its main three pillars where only environmental sustainability (ES) practices could be classified into two division; comprehensive and long-term practices, while economic (ECS) and social sustainability (SS) has 5 and 10 practices respectively. Working towards MSP enhancement, FAHP has sorted ECS practices as the top priority before ES and SS practices. Is it agreed that MF with better economic state has more opportunity for better environmental and social future. Nevertheless, contradict with FAHP done, it is bad to totally leave SS practices because the trend showed that the voice of society influence has significantly increased. Malaysian MF have to increase awareness on SS importance for better future.

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