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Title : Forging The Pi-Chain Framework: A Backdrop Of The Block-Chain Smart Contracts With Chain Isomerism On Graph

Abstract :

The advent of the Internet, the increased processing power as well as increased memory allocation cum usage has continued to advance various frontiers with underlying technologies that seeks to secure and uphold data integrity. Also, with the rising trend of adversaries, new emerging paradigms and platforms seek to create safer means for disseminating data from one source to another. This birthed the emergence of block-chain alongside cryptocurrencies – that have today minimized the sole dependence on banking institutions and the adoption of fiat legacy tenders across borders. With its applications therein, cryptocurrencies have evolved as new transaction paradigm to buy/sell assets amongst other usages. However, the inherent challenges of the block-chain network has continued to call for a shift in focus as well as to address the issues therein. The study presents Pi-Chain network, a directed acyclic graph (DAG) network based on chemical isomerism of position, size and structure of a node. It adapts the many benefits of the block-chain – while evolving the weaknesses therein via reshuffled user model method, which allocates  that splits network into two halves via the MLLM (most, least, least, most) scheme.

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