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Title : Forging A Smart Dependable Data Integrity And Protection System Through Hybrid-Integration Honeypot In Web and Database Server

Abstract :

The digital world is rapidly converging and converting a lot of our valuable data on to its digital equivalent. Its dissemination as eased via the advent of the Internet has also led to and encountered many attacks due to predictable responses from users. This has evolved the field of social engineering and exploits of user trust-levels. Thus, the use of deception mechanisms now plays a prominent role in enhancing the field of cyber and data security. There exists many techniques to dissuade and/or redirect adversaries via deception mode commonly called honeypots. They seek to detect intrusive activities by adversaries using services that attract the attacker to it. Honeypots have been successfully employed to minimize security breaches. We explore deception-based mechanism (honeypot) as an effective means to minimize data exploitation by adversaries – implemented via web servers and equipped with tracking and identification capabilities as the system learns and defends the user system against intrusive actions.

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