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Title : Field Oriented Control of the Axial Flux PMSM Based On Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization

Abstract :

Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (AFPMSM) is chosen for use in electric vehicles because of its high features, good controlling is a demand to meet the desired performance target. This paper proposes a multi-objective approach to optimize the parameters of the proportional-integral (PI) controller b using Particle swarm optimization (PSO) in the Vector control (or FOC) of an (AFPMSM). The PSO method was chosen to optimizing the PI controller’s parameter by using a multi-objective cost function, which represents a comprehensive evaluating function considering the dynamic and steady-state response. This approach improves the performance of AFPMSM speed controller in tracking the desired reference. The mathematical model of AFPMSM was introduced and FOC was used as effective control. Results were obtained, by using MATLAB-SIMULINK, for multiple operational cases to investigate the performance of the AFPMSM. Simulation results show the superior performance of the proposed controller, for tracking different speed references, comparing with traditional methods. Which gives rise-time=0.72s, overshoot=0.05%, and steady-state time=0.73s. Moreover, the proposed controller shows a high degree of robustness against stator parameters variations

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