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Title : Feedback Design in Game Based Learning Application: Features to Improve Statistics Understanding

Abstract :

Feedback is essential information delivered by instructors in the teaching, learning and assessment process, to help students be informed about their performance and suggestions for improvement. The effective delivery of feedback helps to improve student's performance and motivation. Thus a structured feedback approach should be used to ensure that important information is delivered systematically with clear objectives. Continuous step-by-step feedback is difficult and less effective to be implemented in face-to-face learning despite its importance in providing students with useful information regarding their learning progress. Thus, this paper proposes a feedback model of game-based learning applications and develops prototypes of such application. The learning application development implements the ADDIE Model which consists of five phases involving planning, design, development, implementation and evaluation to produce application models and prototypes. The development uses Android platform with the help of Android Studio software. The design of the feedback model takes into account Bloom's Taxonomy learning theory which is referred to as the main principle for presenting statistical inference learning materials and interacting with students through games.

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