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Title : Feasibility Study and Design of IoT-based Monitoring for Remote PV System

Abstract :

Renewable energy comes with a great deal of hope for a better planet with low CO2 emissions and unlimited sources. One of these promising sources of energy is the one that comes from the sun. Solar energy harvesting can be combined with the ever famous IoT monitoring. The current internet connection and speed can meet the need for an online and up-to-date view of the performance of the PV system. This paper compares data from IoT monitoring and direct measurement of PV panels. The experiment was conducted by installing two panels with different means of output and efficiency monitoring. The difference in output between IoT-based monitoring and direct measurement is 2.9708 watt, and the efficiency difference is 3.085%. While the measurement is different, the graphic profiles are the same, indicating that the IoT monitoring and direct measurement can display the same data with the appropriate calibration and light sensor.

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