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Title : Fabrication and Measurement of Array Microstrip Antenna 4x2 Element For Microwave Radio Communication

Abstract :

This paper proposes fabrication and measurement of microstrip antenna with circular polarization for microwave radio communication at range frequency of 10750 – 10950 MHz. Circular polarization with axial ratio ≤ 3 dB obtained by using truncated corner technique while gain of proposed antenna improved using plannar array with 8 element. The proposed antenna is designed and fabricated using Arlon LX 217 with dielectric constant of 2.2, thickness of 0.787 mm and loss tangent 0.0009. From the measurement process, proposed antenna obtained return loss of -12.92 dB and VSWR of 1.58 at working frequeny of 10850 MHz. Bandwidth of proposed antenna is 1500 MHz with range frequency of 9850 MHz – 11150 MHz. Circular polarization of proposed antenna has been showed with axial ratio of 1.468 dB with gain of 11.56 dB. Based on the results obtained from the fabrication process, the proposed antenna has worked in accordance with the specified working frequency and is suitable for microwave radio communication

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