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Title : Exploring The Role Of ICT Readiness And Information Sharing On Supply Chain Performance In Coronavirus Disruptions

Abstract :

Supply chain management is an important and integral part of supporting the company's business continuity. Coronavirus disruption presents new challenges for the industry especially logistics, pharmaceuticals and food & beverage to continue to contribute to the availability of medical and food in Indonesia. The purpose of this research is to improve the performance of supply chains in logistics, pharmaceuticals and food & beverage industries in Indonesia in the middle of the pandemic coronavirus. ICT readiness and information sharing are two variables that are thought to have a positive and significant contribution on supply chain performance. The survey was conducted on 80 practitioner respondents who working in the supply chain channel, the survey period was in March 2020, when the government of the Republic of Indonesia had released an appeal to work from home, learn from home and worship at home in response to a pandemic coronavirus. The results of this study concluded that there is a positive and significant effect of ICT readiness on supply chain performance with an estimated coefficient of 0.47. Information sharing has positive and significant effect in increasing supply chain performance with an estimated coefficient of 0.32. The influence of the two independent variables on the dependent variable simultaneously is 0.692

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