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Title : Experimental study of the chemical composition of earth and fibers and the effect of the pine needles and straw fibers on the behavior of the thermal conductivity of the adobe earth blocks

Abstract :

Earth is a natural and multipurpose material, used since ancient times in construction, especially in developing countries. In this work we chose adobe block as an example of the earth material used in construction, mixed it with some fibers stabilizers like straw fibers and pine needle fibers in different rates separately. We have selected the soil from Had Laghoualem, KHEMISSET for making the samples of adobe blocks. The objectives of this work are: study of the mineralogical characterization of the soil and the fibers stabilizers,that we were used for making the samples, it carried out by several techniques (X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy). The results show that each of these materials consists of carbonates calcite, kaoliniteand quartz. Also, we made the samples of adobe blocks stabilized by fibers and measured their thermal conductivity. The thermal results show that the thermal conductivity of the adobe blocks samples is inversely proportional with the rates of straw fibers stabilizers, and pine needle fibers stabilizers. The CT-METRE device was used for measure thermal conductivity

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