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Title : Experimental study of kinetic parameters on the quality of aloe vera gel juice with sodium benzoate-citric acid

Abstract :

Aloe vera is considered as member of the Liliaceae family and Aloe Chinensis Baker is one of the species that is widely cultivated in Pontianak, Indonesia. The quality parameters of Aloe vera juice include pH, refractive index, vitamin C and density. The objectives of this study to investigate the influence of Sodium benzoate-Citric acid on the quality of Aloe vera gel juice, including pH, density, refractive index and vitamin C, as well to determine the storage time by using the Arrhenius approach. This study used 3 L of Aloe vera gel juice added with 1.8 g of Sodium benzoate and 6 g of Citric acid, stirred until homogenous then divided into bottles of 200 mL each for analyzing pH, refractive index, density, and vitamin C contents at the storage temperature of 30oC, 40oC and 50oC with the storage time of 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 70 days. The determination of Aloe vera gel juice storage time was calculated using linear regression equation of the parameter with the lowest amount of activation energy. The obtained equation to determine the storage time was Ln k = -1233.1(1/T) – 0.8438 with the total activation energy of vitamin C is 2450.1697 cal/mol

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