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Title : Experimental Investigation of Retrofitting Damaged Beam-column Joints For Flexural With Combined NSM & EB CFRP

Abstract :

This paper presents an experimental study on repairing damaged beam-column reinforced concrete joints using carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP). Eight specimens of exterior reinforced concrete beam-column joints were tested to identify an effective method for improving the performance of the joint in terms of lateral strength. These eight specimens were designed with four specimens using a grout repair and injection scheme, while another scheme with externally bonded CFRP sheets (EB) and surface mounted CFRP strips (NSM) was explored as different reinforcement options (NSM + EB combined). The test results show that with the addition of CFRP reinforcement, the performance of beam joints in damaged conditions can be significantly improved. In particular, the use of CFRP NSM strip schemes and CFRP sheets bonded externally to beams and joints can effectively remove the plastic joints from the joint area, thereby causing a ductile failure mode (beam bending failure), which demonstrates the effectiveness of this retrofit method. Where the NSM + EB scheme can improve performance against loads of 9.43%, 20.46%, 28.98%, 16.64%, respectively, compared to using only grout and injection.

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