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Title : Experimental and Theoretical Study of Shearing Angles and Cutting Speed Effects on Dynamic Cutting Forces in Punch-Die System

Abstract :

This paper reports theoretical and experimental works of effect the shearing angles (0o , 2o , 4o , 8o )on the dynamic cutting forces in punch – die system. Three different cutting velocities (1.4, 4.2, 9.8 mm/sec) are used analytically to show the effects of dynamic strain and dynamic forces with cutting time. The visual Fortran and statistic analytical program have been implemented in this study for different velocities of cutting tools. Experimentally, three punch velocities which have same theoretical values are used measuring the dynamic shear forces throughout stroke line. Some interesting findings regarding the relations between the dynamic cutting force and shearing angle are summarized in these papers. There is convergence between the theoretical and experimental results at shear angle equal zero. When shear angle of punch face is high value may be due to a wear in punch edge

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