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Title : Expansive Soil Stabilization by Using the Product of Cement

Abstract :

The expansive soil condition will be very complicate for the engineers to make the material mix over it, however it causes a damage risk for the different rigid construction over it due to the soil expanding and shrinking that is very affected by the water content and soil layer. This research intends to investigate the effect of increasing the cement material to the process of soil expanding and shrinking. The laboratory work of index property test is needed for knowing and classifying the soil type that included the CH class based on the AASHTO classification system including the A-7-6. Soil under this class condition is generally very expansive. The measurement of Atterberg limit, Compaction, CBR, and UCS test are used for evaluating the soil properties, This researh make a trial to know the level of Compaction, CBR, UCS of the expansive soil characteristic that is mixed with the different product of cement with the optimal percentage composition. The result shows that the level of expansive soil stabilization is increasing the strength

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