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Title : Examine the Technology of Acceptance Model Among Mobile Banking Users in Indonesia

Abstract :

This study aims to investigate the TAM factors of mobile banking intention to use and use behaviors. This study employs a sequential explanatory strategy of a mixed-method, involving 140 respondents in Jakarta for the quantitative data, and conducting in-depth interviews with several of the respondents who filled in the data survey in quantitative data collection. The findings show that not all hypotheses of the TAM are accepted. The study proves that ease in mobile banking using creates the perception of usefulness in users' thinking. And the ease of use is an essential stimulus that encourages them to use mobile banking. But the usefulness perception does not prove to be a driver for using it. Finally, when users have ever used mobile banking, they want to use it again. The originality of the research is that although the ease of use influences perceived usefulness and the ease of use also influences the intention to use, this research shows that perceived usefulness does not change its intention

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