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Title : Evaluation of The Performance of Centrifugal Pump Type (Rovatti T3- P.T.O. )

Abstract :

The study was conducted in one of the laboratories of the General Company for automobile and equipment/mechanical lab in Alexandria, 50 km south of Baghdad in 2019. To evaluate the performance of the pump (Rovatti T3- P.T.O.) after reducing its operational speed for the purpose of using an agricultural tractor with less horsepower, in order to save money and fuel, the study included using of three levels of pump speed (1500,2000 and 2500 rpm), three waters levels (sump) (1, 1.5 and 2 meters) and three levels of the Head (delivery head) (0.5, 1 and 1.5 bar) and the New Holland TD80 agricultural tractor was used by the power take off (P.T.O.) in the test, some technical characteristics were studied For the pumping system included: discharge (Q), water horsepower (WHP) and Total Dynamic Head (TDH). The experiment was carried out using a Complete Randomize Design (CRD). With three replications, the least significant difference (L.S.D.) was used at the level of ( 0.05) to compare between the averages of the transactions and the results were as follows: Triple interaction between [ speed 2500 rpm and sump (1m ) and the delivery head (0.5 bar) ] to get the highest discharge It reached (153.333 m3 /hr.) while the triple interaction exceeded the speed between [ 2500 rpm and the sump (2 m ) and the delivery head (1.5 bar) ] in obtaining the highest (TDH) reached (21.167 m) and it showed the superiority of the triple interaction between the [ speed 2500 rpm, sump (1 m), delivery head (1.5 bar) ], to get the highest (WHP) reached (11.3227 hp.), and according to the pump curves mentioned by the manufacturer, it turns out that it is possible to use medium capacity tractors (35-45 hp) instead of the tractor (80 HP) currently used, and this saves money and fuel

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