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Title : Estimation of Spatial Groundwater Recharge Using Wetspass Model in Teeb Area, Missan Province, South of Iraq

Abstract :

The main objective of this study is estimation of groundwater recharge in Teeb area by using Wets pass model. Teeb area lies in northeastern of Missan Province, southern Iraq. The estimated value of groundwater recharge by simulating of Wets pass model is equal to 23% of the annual rainfall. The monthly mean groundwater recharge is equal to (7.8 MCM) with equivalent depth (4.2 mm). The most of annual groundwater recharge (97%) occurs during the wet season (winter); while the rest occurs in the summer. The spatial distribution of groundwater recharge is ranged from 0 to 15.9 mm/month. The monthly mean groundwater recharge of the study area in summer season is 0.88 mm, whereas the monthly mean recharge in winter is about 4.76 mm. The monthly mean surface runoff is 5.02 mm that is equivalent to (9.34 MCM). The average monthly value of spatial interception in the studied area is ranged from 0.01 to 4.3 mm. The mean and standard deviation for the annual spatial distribution of actual evapotranspiration are 27.9 mm and 68.8 mm, respectively. By comparing the current results with previous studies, it may be noted that the model is performing well and providing realistic results and useful raster maps

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