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Title : Estimation of Rock Permeability Based on Crossplot of Biot Formula on Walakpa 2 Well, North Alaska

Abstract :

A good reservoir on the seismic exploration can be identified by seismic waves velocity analysis. Seismic wave velocity is related to reservoir parameters, particularly fluid-saturated, porosity, and permeability. Based on the behavior of P wave velocity from Biot formula, where the reservoir model assumed is consist of matric (solid) and fluid-saturated. With the result, we can estimate the other reservoir parameters, especially permeability then plotted to wave parameters. Data used in this analysis is well log data from Walakpa 2 Well Test in National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska. The location on coordinate 71003’00.44” North and 156057’09.70” West, with total thickness prospect zone on Pebble Formation is about 25 ft. The correlation of rock permeability by theory and analysis on the prospect zone is ktheoritical = 0.915 klog + 0.2. The error is about 8.5 %.

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