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Title : Error Bounds Analysis of Empirical Path Loss Models at UHF Band in Ekiti and Lagos State, Nigeria

Abstract :

Radio propagation is essential for emerging technologies with appropriate design, deployment and management strategies for any wireless network. Empirical propagation models have found favour in both research and industrial communities owing to their speed of execution and their limited reliance on detailed knowledge of the terrain. These models are used extensively in signal prediction and interference analysis. High prediction errors of these empirical models arise when they are being deployed to an environment different from the one they are initially designed for. This work therefore provides the error bounds on the efficacy of five different empirical models at predicting path loss for Ekiti and Lagos states in Southwest, Nigeria. The Ekiti State Television (EKTV) was employed for Ekiti State while Lagos State Television (LTV) was used for Lagos State. The models used for this analysis are Okumura-Hata, Hata- Davidson, COST-231, CCIR and ECC-33 models. Measurement of TV signal path loss was conducted in Lagos and Ekiti States. The measured path loss for two routes in Lagos and Ekiti States was compared with the selected predictive path loss models. The performance of the predictive path loss models were evaluated using the mean error and root mean square error. The Hata-Davidson predictive model was discovered to have the least error bounds in all the routes considered for the two States

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