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Title : Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and Challenges

Abstract :

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems is a comprehensive integrated system that governs all aspects of a business. It gives your business automation and integration for core processes such as taking client orders, planning operations and maintaining inventory records and commercial data. Using ERP systems provide the user transparency into the entire business development, by which all the departments can view the information documented to guarantee that the correct procedures are happening. This enables the ERP system to act as a central core for end-to-end workflow and data. With the advances in the technology and customer requirement forced ERP designers to cope with the new progress. Consequently, new designs for the ERP system were done to please companies and customers by developing new ERP business models. Today, ERP covers a wide range of functionality within themselves and become a popular Solution in a business organization. Moreover, among the biggest challenge for ERP program designers is to keep their speed with the manufacturing part, which has been moving rapidly from product-centric to a customer-centric focus. This request encouraged most ERP sellers to add multifunction and modules to their core systems. In this paper, we discuss and analyze ERP, ERP types, the ERP design that might be promising in the future as well as discussing factors that could affect the future of ERP systems

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